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Why Rhodes... ?

    Explore The Island of Rhodes
                 Top Reasons to Go


Historical Sights - Romans, Crusaders, Turks, and Venetians left their mark through an array of temples, castles and fortresses -

like a gigantic historical pop-up book.

Natural Wonders - Discover natural beauty of the island wildlife, magnificent landscape, breathtaking views and exotic scenery.

Beaches - Rhodes is the sunniest spot in Europe, blessed with stunning white-sand beaches. Twenty-seven of the beaches have been awarded EU Blue Flag for cleanliness, and another 15 have received the "Golden Starfish" for outstanding natural beauty.

Outdoor Activities and Sports - Diving, Fishing, Horseback Riding Golf, Sailing, Tennis, Windsurfing, Waterskiing, Jet-Skiing, Parasailing and more.

Nightlife and Arts - A stylish nightlife has sprung up amid the medieval buildings and flower-filled courtyards of the island's many bars and cafes. It is claimed that Rhodes has more bars and discos per person than New York, Berlin, or Paris.


The Casino Rodos is housed in a 1920s, Italian-built faux-palace of Arabesque design and aside from gaming, the casino offers concerts and other events. Enjoy the traditional Greek dance performances by Nelly Dimoglou Folk Dance Theatre, or Medieval Rose Festival parade through the streets of Old Town.

Shopping - In Rhodes you can find many boutiques selling furs, jewelry, and other high-ticket items. You can also buy locally hand crafted Lindos ware, a fine pottery decorated with floral motifs.

Dining - Rhodes produces most of its own foods, so you can count on fresh fruits and vegetables and of course, a variety of seafood including the local delicacy of octopus. Visitors will enjoy the special local  wines, olives and delicious honey. 



If You Have 3 to 5 Days



The Medieval City of Rhodes

  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

  • Street of Knights

  • Loggia of St. John

  • Inn of France

  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

  • Turkish Library

  • Wall of Rhodes

Worth Noting

  • Byzantine Museum

  • Masque of Suleiman

  • Mandraki Harbor

  • Mt. Smith

  • Decorative Arts Collection

  • Evangelismos Church


Old City of Lindos


  • Acropolis of Lindos

  • Tomb of Kleoboulos

  • Church of the Panayia

  • Lindos Town

  • St.Paul Church 



Worth Noting


  • St. Paul's Bay

  • Lindos Beach             




  • The Valley of the Butterflies


Worth Noting

  • Monolithos of Kameiros

  •  Kritinia Castle

  •  Kopria Beach



 If you Have 7 to 10 Days     


Siana Town 

  • Mt. Acramitis Valley

  • St. Panteleimon Church

  • Local Specialties; Souma Liqueur, Honey and Walnuts.

Epta Piges

  • Seven Springs 



Rodini Park    

  • World's Oldest Park

  • Naturel Stream

  • Tomb of the Ptolemies

Monolithos Castle

  • Panoramic View of the Mediterranean Sea

Kallithea Springs


  • Ancient Thermal Spa and Beach



Worth Noting

  • Monasteries - Filerimos, Panagia Tsambika, Thari.

  • Castles - Asklipio, Feraklos.

  • Beaches - Oasis,Tsambika, Agathi, Anthony Quinn Bay, Plimiri.

If You Have 14 Days

Day Trip to Symi Island

  • Yialos Harbor and Chorio, a 19th-century Town of Neoclassical Mansions.



  • Strange Creation of Nature - In winter it is an Island and in summer... Peninsula.

  • Water Sport Activities - Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing.  

Worth Noting

  • Fourni Beach - The picturesque and wild.

  • Pefki, Lardos and Gennadi Towns - Many tavernas, nightclubs, and DJ-hosted beach parties.

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