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Why Lindos...?

Lindos is home to the significant archeological site known as the Lindos Acropolis - the jewel of Greece. 


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Rhodes Has It All...

 Best Things to Do in Lindos


  The Acropolis of Lindos - the most impressive archeological site on Rhodes. It rises above the town and sits on the hilltop, overlooking the surrounding coastline.

You can easily spend hours enjoying the ancient ruins of the Temple of Athena Lindia, the breathtaking view of St. Paul's Bay and amazing sunset over Lindos village.

  Lindos Village - the charming 10th century village of Lindos is similar to other historic medieval settlements of the Aegean. A picturesque location for carefree strolls in a cosmopolitan summer atmosphere with vibrant narrow streets, white-washed houses, religious monuments, cozy rooftop gardens, restaurants & cafes, stylish boutiques and souvenir shops.


  St. Paul's Bay - an incredibly idyllic inlet with calm, blue waters and a golden sandy beach. It appears almost like a natural swimming pool protected by coastal cliffs. It's famous for its magnificent landscape and stunning view of the Acropolis. 

 St. Paul's Chapel is on the eastern side of St. Paul's Bay just above the water's edge. Its blissful location makes it very popular for wedding ceremonies


  Lindos Beach (Megali Paralia)- a main beach in Lindos Bay with a wide stretch of golden sand and clear waters. The unique landscape of the Acropolis and rows of white-washed buildings on the hill give a dramatic and beautiful backdrop. There are also beachside restaurants and cafe bars to enjoy.




About Rhodes - one of most fascinating island in Greece with its historical sights, natural  wonders, beaches, outdoor activities, Mediterranean cuisine, culture and hospitality. We are sharing some tips and experiences that we love in this amazing island. 


Rhodes is the sunniest spot in Europe, blessed with nearly 100 stunning beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Monolithos - sunset at the castle. This wild bay will stun you with its classic Greek beauty. 

Discover natural wonders of the island's magnificent landscape, exotic scenery, wild life and most impressive sunsets over the Aegean sea. 

Prasonisi Beach - where two seas meet. A strange creation of nature, in winter it's an island and in summer a peninsula. You can explore the lighthouse or find tons of outdoor activities in this perfect spot with ideal wind and wave conditions for surfing and kiteboarding.


Dining & Shopping foodies can indulge in tasty Mediterranean cuisine. Rhodes produces most of its own foods, so you can count on fresh fruits and vegetables, and  of course a variety of seafood including the the local delicacy of octopus. You will enjoy the special local wines, olives and delicious honey.


In Rhodes you can find many boutiques selling furs, jewelry and other high-ticket items. You can also buy locally hand crafted ware, a fine pottery decorated with floral motifs.  


Inside the Medieval Castle Walls of Old Town Rhodes will transport you back to ancient empires - Romans, Crusaders, Turks, Venetians and the Knights of St. John left their mark through history.


-No one day is the same at Villa Vitabel, come and make your own discoveries - Sam & Victoria, Villa Owners

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